AMBIENT SENSORS ensure grow environment is within pre-determined specifications. Temperature, humidity, and light are continuously monitored.

MEDIA SENSORS take continuous readings of soil temperature, salinity, and moisture levels. Monitor levels are available securely to pre-determined devices.

PAR SENSORS take continuous,consistent, realtime readings of PAR light. Eliminate labor costs, and reading inconsistencies, ensure plants receive right amount of light for right amount

CO2 SENSORS provide CO2 levels in PPM as well as temperature and humidity readings. CO2 sensors along with PAR sensors can ensure plants receive appropriate amount of CO2 for the amount light available to them.

RUNOFF SENSORS measure volume and EC of the runoff from a grow table. Runoff volume and EC can provide a grower with insight to adjust fertigation schedules as well as duration.


Review past grow cycle inputs and process settings; compare yields and make decisions about what worked and what didn’t.

Setup studies for future grow cycles to gather data and determine if new combinations result in better yields.


Each successive grow cycle will also grow your DATABASE, empowering you to improve yields, lower energy costs, and shorten time to harvest.