Monitor Your Plants.

Individual plant monitors provide real-time data on the temperature, moisture and salinity to help ensure the soil is always perfect.

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Collect data from across your grow area.

Send data from any number of sensors to your secure knowledge base, where you can monitor it in real-time or track trends.

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Review and analyze data.

Improve the effieciency of each successive grow as you collect all of the data needed to perfect your process.

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AMBIENT SENSORS ensure grow environment is within pre-determined specifications. Temperature, humidity, and light are continuously monitored.

SOIL SENSORS take continuous readings of soil temperature, salinity, and moisture levels. Monitor levels are available securely to pre-determined devices.



Review past grow cycle inputs and process settings; compare yields and make decisions about what worked and what didn’t.

Setup studies for future grow cycles to gather data and determine if new combinations result in better yields.



Each successive grow cycle will also grow your DATABASE, empowering you to improve yields, lower energy costs, and shorten time to harvest.

lushSensor Solutions

Single Area Grow

  • Gateway - Transmit Monitoring Information to your Secure Database
  • Ambient Light & Humidity Sensor
  • PAR Sensor
  • Up to 100 Individual Plant Monitors
Single grow

Multiple Area Grow

  • Gateway(s) - Transmit Monitoring Information to your Secure Database
  • Repeater(s)
  • Ambient Light & Humidity Sensors
  • PAR Sensors
  • Up to 100 Individual Plant Monitors
Multiple grow

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