Base Station

manage your data securely

Network lushSensor devices across your grow area(s) and securely upload monitoring information to your database. Access real-time sensor data and plot trends remotely from any connected computer or mobile device.


Soil Sensor

real-time plant monitoring

Probes penetrate the growing medium and provide real time measurements of the temperature, moisture and salinity of the soil around them. One in every pot provides real peace of mind that your plants are healthy and well cared for.

Soil sensor

Ambient Sensor

monitor your grow areas

This sensor tracks ambient temperature, ambient light, and relative humidity of the area around it. Use multiple Ambient Sensors across large grow areas to track conditions and quickly spot any variations that occur across the growing space.

Ambient sensor

PAR Sensor

measure useful light

Placed at various levels throughout the canopy, PAR sensors measure the level of Photosynthetically Active Radiation, or useful light, that is reaching your plants.

Par sensor

Signal Repeater

connect multiple grow areas

Extend the range of your lushSensor Gateway even further. Excellent for providing coverage to outdoor growing operations, the Signal Repeater also measures the ambient temperature and relative humidity of the area around it.

Signal repeater